Nonsense about ‘romantic buddhists’

NK, this is a really bad piece of scholarship. And I am still unsure who the Romantic Buddhists are. The world of the Romantics is not a suitable object of such hate, and the sermon about the real dhamma is crap. It is filled with the intolerant buddhist/jihadi contempt for modernity, which went out of its way to be bypass buddhism. Now the vampire is with us all the way to Boulder, with new attempts is Big Dick neo-buddhas like Osho.

We need to be done with it. the one ring goes to the cracks of doom when the tale ends. and the tale of buddhism ends. I hope the Osho version will clog on fart gas and never happen. the world has moved on. and it needs a new understanding.

I fail to see your point about the clarity and effectiveness of the dhamma. Whatever the case it suffers mechanization of thought and it likely sterile. and the whole game is caught in a triangle of confusion between hinayana to mahayana, etc…

The attempt to take over the world cursed all the ancient religions and they have all failed.

New Agers, buddhists, are expecing a new turning of the wheel of dharma as in the time of gautama, but it won’t happen. And haranguing german romantics isn’t going to help. the modern world simply ditched the axial age religions and is on another path and the discovery of buddhist nazis shows the wisdom of time in the flight of the frodos from the dark lords. to say the least

2 thoughts on “Nonsense about ‘romantic buddhists’”

  1. Sigh…you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about in this field. I should’ve known with the sources you cite: Osho…give me a break. All of your talk here is nonsense which is why people like me don’t take you seriously.

  2. The issues of buddhist fascism can’t be dismissed in your facile wall street buddhist arrogance.
    bugger off, asshole.

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