The romantic poets may have not understood buddhism, but they weren’t Gautama gestapo mass murderers, so may be they came out ahead…

I need time to read this piece on romantic buddhism, but it is beside the point. You sound like a gestapo agent in a buddhist colonial occupying force checking out romantic poets for heresy. And from what I can see buddhists hidden behind the pious front are deadly killers.

These poets may have not been buddhists,but they weren’t fascists.

You are anonymous here and your agenda is unclear but it suddenly gives some hints.

nemo said,

05.28.16 at 4:38 pm · Edit

NK I have yet to see a single enlightened buddhist. You proclaim the record of guatama in his time. But I am suspicious.

I have watched the Osho movement, with all the same potential and it has produced almost no result. So I am suspicious of buddhist propaganda. We have almost no accurate information.

As for Advaita, I can’t say. I am not an advaitist. I have also defended buddhism here against the neo-brahmins. but Advaita which is independent of hinduism is the probable core of the whole shebang. Mutual antagonism is not helpful in fact. It makes no sense to pit it against buddhism. they are in the same family.

My critique at Darwiniana, several of them, raises the suspicion that buddhism became corrupted and rotten, generating fascism in the west. And that the disciples far from becoming enlightened got turned into a meal and ended as dead zombis. How else stage a fascist movement with pious buddhists. Was there no revolt? What happened to the rebels?
I have learned what they do because I have been in a near war with the Osho /Gurdjieff entities: behind the scenes they demand absolute heil hitler obedience or they will kill you.

So do pranayama on my fart gas here.

Buddhism is dead, and it is better to let it slide into the sea. Humanity has to start over. Haranguing ‘romantic buddhism’ is a confusion. These people may have been romantics, but they didn’t claim to be buddhists.

This solves one of the mysteries of my eonic effect. Why did history ditch buddhism and start over far far away. We know now. The bloodythirsty vampire army of gautama was deadly dangerous. But it has collapsed now, its force spent. the whole public buddhism we see now is a waste product.

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