What is enlightenment? noone is able to say, not even the buddhas

A deadly ambiguity pervades the idea of enlightenment: the Advaita points to it: it is not an experience. and yet with Osho, Gautama we see the emphasis on the experience of such. And then we see Osho passing out of it. What is going on?

And these entities are a plague because once dead they seem to become fake ‘consumers of the will’ in the name of enlightenment.

I am twice suspicious. I think Osho and Gautama are two special cases who are given to create large movements, and that is a very problematical situation. I would say, dismantle buddhism and oshoism. We don’t need another army of dead zombis trying to take over the planet.

Look at the source of this: yogis reaching the forest alone, and becoming enlightened in a beautiful solitude. But instead now we confront these armies of dead boddhisattwas peddling bullshit.

If there is a problem with Gautama and Osho the whole legacy is in trouble.

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