An attack on ‘romantic buddhists’ as the buddhist estab intrigues with every kind of right wing, capitalist factions…let’s ditch all of it…

This attack against a set of humble german romantics at the fringe of the modern transition is ridiculous. Meanwhile the buddhist world is now ensconced in all sorts of right wing, capitalist, and other shadowy activities. The abuse of occult power has been I suspect so extraordinary that what I think has happened is that modernity was among other things an attempt to evade this darkness. What on earth went wrong here? The culture buddhists would create would be dreadful.

I will say only I suspect the Gautama figure ceased to have anything to do with buddhism. What we see is something else. It is Osho who charged it with is juggernaut with creating nazism. A staggering charge.
I think we should simply ditch the whole legacy. And the Osho legacy is already heading into the same morass.

The path of yogis was never a religion: individuals retreated to the forest, alone. Buddhism was the first attempt at a world religion made of this cloth, a contradiction. The result is highly suspicious….

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