NK goes off the deep end…a wall street buddhist who can’t understand the original world of buddshist beggars…


You comment is stupid, sir. No I am not a schizophrenic, and no I certainly don’t envy wall street asshole millionaires. I have wandered through america without money and the result was a great success, something you couldn’t imagine, and might I remind you that the early buddhists you dote on were all beggars. I think on the contrary your world view got clobbered here and the plight of buddhists in general is stark, once they see the fascist esotericism there. Try it: give up all you money, and worldly relations and do buddhism right as a forest meditator. You could renounce the world tomorrow, give up all your money, and live in a forest. Put your money where your mouth it.
I couldn’t afford India, so I did this in the US. OK?

Our discussion was about the romantic buddhists, and a book that was a very poor work of scholarship. The modern world is constantly attacked by New Agers, but the comparison is not with buddhism, but with antiquity, societies like Rome. The advance of modernity is light years beyond what it upgraded. The comments of new agers denouncing the ‘evil age’ of modernity is stupid. And the buddhism being promoted is already rotten and fascist…

2 thoughts on “NK goes off the deep end…a wall street buddhist who can’t understand the original world of buddshist beggars…”

  1. Ok, let us do a test on your knowledge….where did the Buddha critique wealth? Give me a reliable source.

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