Gurdjieff and the issue of slavery..gurdjieff tactics to create slaves…

Our remarks about gurus and slavery need a huge exclamation mark around Gurdjieff: his tactics are terrible and after the publication of Debriefing Gurdjieffianity I have felt the occult onslaught with particular force.

One of the main tactics is to create an artifical psychological disease via manipulation of the unconscious using telepathic suggestion and hypnosis. Many students of gurdjieff suffer all sorts of unconsciousn hangups, aritificial implants. Hey guys, that’s the work, uncondityional obedience of the master,,,complaints will be punished…

Students of Gurdjieff are at risk from a dreadful fate. Just say no, and move on…but all this is the legacy of the whole asshole New Age movement, and its diseases are hard to repair..

3 thoughts on “Gurdjieff and the issue of slavery..gurdjieff tactics to create slaves…”

  1. Hi,

    Interesting concept, but I don’t understand your hostility to GI Joe (Gurdjieff ;o). (Or to traditional religions… but that’s another discussion).

    If you want to influence undecideds, it would help to have a simplified summary of your position on this site as a sticky top post. (Sorry, but I for one ain’t about to read through years of verbose posts without a good indication that there might be something of value to be found.. in short, ranting alone doesn’t cut it mate!).

    Of course there is huge danger in the guru and seeker positions. I think most would agree heartily with that, and no need for any theories. The Starry Eyed syndrome and its complement the False Messiah sydrome. De Ropp has this whole area down pat and explained it with exquisite clarity in several of his books.

    Gurdjieff himself points out on many occasions how teaching tends to get distorted and is not successfully passed on, especially by ‘followers’ of the ‘master’. His book (Beelzebub’s Tales) is spefically written in a style to avoid this. (or so they say… I’m about a quarter of the way through reading this for the first time, and I’d go along with that assertion, so far … it makes sense to me).

    So yes, students of Gurdjieff, or any, *ANY* teacher who is not simply someone answering an honest question, are indeed ‘at risk from a dreadful fate’. But I don’t think that is anything like enough to support your obvious hostility. In particular, if anyone thinks there is no difficulty for most people in objective reasoning and objective consciousness (I take it this difficulty, in very brief shorthand, would be your “artifical psychological disease via manipulation of the unconscious using telepathic suggestion and hypnosis”; what G refers to as the consequences of the organ kundabuffer) – then, from my own experience, I’d have to disageee. Sticking to a course, and trying to achieve these, along with a desired associated increase of being of the heart, seems inordinately difficult – and, so far, I’m grateful for the help offered by Fourth Wayers… and Buddhists, even if they occasionally both seem pretty daft!

    Some people do seem to achieve the desired results through faith alone (… not for me!). You may find that sick or disgusting but who are you to criticise what works? Maybe it is very simply that we are not all the same?

    If you’re of a scientific bent then go with de Ropp. But why lay about you trashing the whole thing? I’m hoping you may have a reasonably concise answer to that question, it is sincerely asked.

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