Dangers of gurdjiffianity


I have made clear on this blog the dangers of committing to a Gurdjieff path: here are some of the tragic liabilities I have discovered:

Gurdjieff is an ambiguous reactionary who has been exposed as partial to archaic slavery. Unless you care to be a slave disciple, stay away, and never agree to anything… even with a dead G

His system is full of crap like the enneagram, etc…If you dissent on these you are in trouble as above…warnings; sufis are stupid now and can’t seem to grasp that dogmatism about stupidities like the enneagram are grounds for steering clear altogether…

The gurdjieff world is dangerous: disciple in one life to start, you have no assurances you will be free in a next life, with no help in remembering your previous incarnation. that is DANGEROUS with unscrupulous black magicians like gurdjieff…

This list gets longer, but the above is enough to steer clear of that rogue….dead or alive…

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