As gnostic gangster sufis like Gurdjieff infiltrate xtianity should you ditch that religion?

That’s scary statement, maybe a scare tactic, maybe a warning…to try and answer the question: not even Gurdjieff could make much of dent in xtianity, but he is confusing a lot of honest xtians, and as we have see the infiltration is reshaping the religion at the theological level. But…: Gurdjieff was not very intelligent: trying to implant the enneagram into theology won’t work in the end, apart from creating a subgenre of junk. Gurdjieff really bungled his operation, even as he had hoped Ouspensky would produce an unbeatable front. He did, in a way, but the junk at the core will defeat the whole game. Now he has to pursue Ouspensky into his next lives to punish or murder him. That’s what happens in guru/authority/sheik situations: you have to enforce conformity, maybe kill disciples.

But what I find alarming is the fading away of the xtian ‘magic circle’ or defense shield, not that it ever amounted to much. Xtianity has been excoriated because it excised gnostics from its ranks. But at this point we have to wonder it that wasn’t a clue to its larger success. But Islam had a different legacy of success here in its classic phase of so-called sufism. But we can’t arrive at any answers here, the whole game is opaque, but based on my own experience I can see that ‘nice guys’ like myself end up victims while psychopaths get the baraka. What a sordid horror…

To answer our question we need a true history of Islam and its embedded sufism, and the answers to the obvious question: what is sufism and is it a spiritual cannibalism racket like that of Gurdjieff’s?? If figures like Gold have direct sufi contacts, we must suspect the worst.

Time is setting its verdict on xtianity and it is fading away. So I don’t need to answer the question: just be wary of the endgame as the vultures start circling around a dead religion…

Question unanswered…But the mafia is closing in…And you might consider this naive: the problem was always there, but you never knew…

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