What a pair of losers, Osho and Gurdjieff

It is important to be wary of the G entity, which is active and deadly. And the teaching he doled out is a pile of crap.
Look at it carefully: it is material given for suckers who are never included in the hidden side of whatever is going on.
the enneagram is thus bunk, the fourth way made up out of whole cloth, the accounts of schools baloney, the table of hydrogens junk…
the only thing that has any substance is borrowed from Indian samkhya.
the emphasis on ‘energies’ is a warning to be wary of rip off: those energies of consciousness and the high priced ‘dope’ that the ‘conscious’ junkies have to thieve to maintain their habit.

Osho. well. what an idiot. I am puzzled. Why would an enlightened man dabble in Nietzsche with such obvious interest in the ‘beyond good and evil’ theme. A nice guy buddha who wasn’t nice at all and has to now find sadistic sannyasins, and fascist flunkies to create his world religion.

I think Osho’s fake enlightenment was the product of a shakti/blessing at a higher level than bullshit shaktipat and this springs from a hidden school. Osho was too obviously losing that ‘energy’ at the end and had to invent a phony excuse about the ‘end of enlightenment’.

What a pair of losers, Osho and Gurjieff.

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