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I will make this update a separate post:
Update: you can mistrust me too! But I am not a guru and have never asked anyone to surrender their will to me. Reflect on the dangers of doing that, and then the ambiguity of the death state, in general, and in the case of those who claim to be enlightened.
We can never be sure that dead gurus represent themselves as such to either their followers or anyone else, the question is nearly incoherent… However I have recorded what I thought was a complicated interaction with many dead gurus, and despite the confusions, contradictions, I stand by my rough conclusions. We are talking about three or more things: the soul of ordinary men, the passage beyond soul claimed by buddhists (?) and what happens to ‘enlightened’ entities after death.
The whole thing could be illusion, as dark entities in the death entities take over the form of dead gurus and exploit it with a fake exterior…
My own experience was unfortunate; confused with RB Ouspensky (see nemonemini.info), I discovered the violent tactics to control disciples in their future lives, after the freebie first life. But Ouspnesky never really surrendered to Gurdjieff…the fate of those who did/do is different: total amnesia, not knowledge of past lives allowed, robotic life in some future project, etc. Perhaps great suffering (in the name of the work..)
With Osho I am stuck: but I smell a rat after the pandit-knapping phase (which actually started in the eighties, with a strong break from the early nineties to 2008, when my book was done, why did that suddenly calm the waters?) which has become increasingly virulent in recent years as I take on both G and Osho, plus others…I can offer no proof this isn’t imaginary, but…to think so implies that gurus in the dead zone are no longer real, and/or never come to the rescue of their favorites and/or persecute the disobedient.

We have no coherent history of buddhism, but I suspect the worst. And fear the same psychopathic core emerging in the Osho sphere. My case could be different: after the RB Ouspensky confusion I have been fighting back all the way. Compliant slave disciples may live a sugared illusion I never had.

But my caution is to never surrender to any guru or sufi sheik. That is, surrender your will. Which is? Your ego? Does it matter? Simple association with a guru is enough, and from there it seems to be a tacit agreement on the guru’s part (not divulged to you) that you have lost all rights, in perpetuity! Dreadful…

Your ego is an illusion, perhaps: there is nothing to overcome or to surrender. If you surrender your ego then you can lose the chance to transcend it..BAD, how many of the disciples we see are simply zombies of this type, reborn over and over in a treadmill of a guru/

In a way I was luck in my unluckiness: I did a double whammy staging a collision between a Crowley ‘real will’ ritual and a guru surrender routine: both exploded each other, but nothing in the Osho entity seems to have honored that: but as I approached the buddha field in Oregan that double whammy activated something strange: something rushed to intervene and dosed a near enlightenment before I reached the Commune….
Who knows…years later the Osho entity is still threatening me, next to the G entity. Plus Gold, plus… I will beat them all in the end…One should always suspect Gold/sufis of playing gurus off against each other….

I recommend belatedly a look at Advaita, carefully avoiding the spirit of such as Ramana Maharsi who is part of the deep racket, I suspect…. (but many have found him to be the truly honest guru, I don’t know) There is something missing there, but it can help to see that the original ‘path’ was, or so I suspect.

But the game of gurus is really something else: a kind of master djinn or master of masters controls the public cases, perhaps even Osho. With advaita you can sneak away, not enlightened in the sense of the big shots, but with a seed to work with alone. You are alone. You need a teacher, not a master, note the difference…Learn your advaita lesson and move into your aloneness before the big shot ghosts/djinns take note of you.
I thus think Osho and Gurdjieff were both fakes, serving hidden masters or djinns.

The new age movement is over, come on guys/gals, wake up…

Note that I struggled to get free of Osho in the early nineties, suddenly succeeded and spent fifteen years on World History and the Eonic Effect. Then in 2008, having forgotten my previous experience drifted back into the Osho sphere (you can follow that here from 2008).
I think some hidden spiritual factor gave me protection during that period. Protection to get the work done, not much personal protection. What was that?

I suspect, as a student of Bennett (whose work was rubbished by Gurdjieff addons), there are higher spiritual powers (beyond nickel and dime buddhas) connected with cosmic domain (beyond life). More I know not. More on this later. This was what Xtianity was supposed be about, but the history is so confused we can barely figure it out at this point.
I can offer no endorsement of Sweet Jesus given the sordid evidence of Gurdjieff and his ‘esoteric xtianity’. But…

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