I am about done with Osho, but the sufis deserve worse, full ass front and fart in the face of these gnostics gangsters, thieves, murderers, genocidal maniac, cannibal mystics, perverts…I ran out of space…

Forget Rumi, please. Forget Idries Shah…

(btw, I think Gold is trying to blow the whistle on sufis)…?

I think sufism is a gnostic monstrosity out of control. Gurdjieff should have been a warning. but some sufis have a dangerous spiritual technology that seems to have fallen into the hands of the wrong people. That is frightening: corrupt elites of various types can manufacture zombi drones to be slaves in outer life, beyond anyone’s awareness.
Sufis has lost the right to their gnosticism, and I think the realm of demiurgic powers (whatever that is) is closing in on this corruption of an ancient gnostic method (which seems to have arisen in early Egypt??)

I think that Islam should start to self-dismantle to blow the cover of this mafia…

Is this unfair? There may be all sorts of ‘nice sufis’, but I never met one.

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