Advaita…buddhism…the catch..Osho as dead zombie yucky jerkoff gangster ghost or maybe the latter cannibalized ‘him’ and there is nothing left of his commune.

The material in waite on advaita makes explicit what many may not see as the catch in the whole ‘yoga’/dharma tradition, which includes buddhism: free will is denied, and action is downplayed, etc…
That makes sense on a path of liberation but it is not good enough on a larger public path for general humanity. I am suspicious this is the entry point for rogue buddhas/gurus…

I am begining to see where the confusion with Osho is arising: he is creating a giant religion where noone has any autonomy, and is subject to the will of one (dead) buddha. We should not allow that to happen. How this applies in general to the whole range of ‘santana dharma’ is not clear.

Religions like xtianity are thus one step ahead all the time, save only that the guru principle enters all over again with the Jesus to Christ nexus..
we need to get straight the whole range of confusions here and create for the first time a spirituality of the future that is honest and not a racket cannibalizing innocent seekers.

It is disillusioning to see that buddhism is corrupt, it explodes any further trust in the Indian tradition. Or any religion.

Note: this issue of ‘will’ is the one thing indie teachers really hate. I am gong to rub it in from now on.

Note: Advaita can still work in spite of this…

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