Osho himself gave the warning about dead gurus, take it…and ditto for Gurdjieff and sufis…

We need a new approach to the whole question of a spiritual path. Advaita is a possible transient refuge, but I see problems already: this is controlled by the reactionary hindu formations that warred with buddhism. We see Shankara is a clear reactionary on caste.
None of the Advaita gurus were able to detect the Aryan takeover of ‘santana dharma’ and the distortions created, like Vedism…Buddhism stripped that all away, and created a vehicle for spiritual equality, supposedly.
We have the whole text of Bazaz online here: what is its status? not a single scholar, at least in the West, can figure it out. Despite his confusions, Danielou probably points to hidden group that has figured it out.
The revolution against hinduism that buddhism tried to effect and failed to complete needs to be done, preserving the real living core. Krishnamurti is helpful, but he is missing something too. Kundalini remains a mystery, for example. The path of Patanjali confronting Advaita suddenly looks like an illusion. Hatha Yoga is taking over the world, at least among women, but it is not really a spiritual path at all.
Jainism, the Krishna legacy, remain obscure, at least to me.

I have been badly fooled by the Osho gambit. I was warned two years ago to stay away from him as personally destructive, along with the G entity. Learn from that if you can. I think the sufi world is the same, but worse: you never even see the ‘bad guys’.
Keep in mind that few sufis know of the ‘path of soul’ we have depicted. I discovered Osho wished to take control of my case, to experiment on that. The yogis must be jealous of this missing piece. They shouldn’t be. Stay away from it, but know of the rumor.

I am baffled: all the sufis I have met are criminals. And they detest me, an honest man. Be warned.

The fascist rumor behind Trump remains that. I think some operators have egg on their face. Even a lowly figure such as I figured it out, sort of, and leaked the info, assuming it was right to start. Who are the real perps…?

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