Will E. J. Gold ever be prosecuted for his crimes against fourth way dupes?

Anyone moving in the fourth way circuit needs to be super careful of what happened here: rogue sufis tracking down the reincarnation of Ouspensky to destroy him, and rip off his ‘baraka’ (???)

Always be super wary of this sufi gangster: if you get/generate receive ‘spiritual energy’ a whole gang is there to try and rip it off…

And the whole ‘fourth way’ hype needs a warning that figures like Gold have tried (with a lot of success) to rip off the whole movement. Ouspensky’s ISOM is that idiot’s gift to the sufi mafia: an unlimited set of new suckers (check out amazon) who will never get a warning.
Gurdjieff for abusing Ouspensky in this way and leaving the junk he created (no more effective advertising is conceivable) as flypaper for generations to come is a new form of criminality…

I think the whole new age movement is a dead letter, but the number of suckers already trapped makes business super for a few more centuries…

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