Big shot three tooter Adhyashanti’s creation of confusion, on e.g. the monumental lie of the xtian doctrine of the ressurection grafted onto buddhism

Creating hybrids of ‘buddhism’ and ‘xtianity’ are a bad idea, and the corruption of the already corrupt buddhism (or path of enlightenment in general) with xtian lies is going to have one result only, a non-revolutionary mystic bullshit syndrome that conceals a stealth invasion/neutralization of the new age by xtian reactionaries. Let’s skip it. We have real evidence of who Jesus was, none. To say he was a revolutionary when you are a reactionary is a reactionary tactic, and the false doctrines such as the Resurrection injected into the relatively open sphere of the dharmic paths will corrupt them, and intimidate seekers with still another layer of bullshit…
The powers that be will support this for an xtian take over of the buddhism spectrum and as a means to control new agers…Creating a new kind of bullshit routine about ‘enlightenment’ will be part of the deception.

It is no use saying Jesus was buddhist preaching enlightenment. He was not and not a single xtian has reached enlightenment.

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