From Aryans to new agers, an irony…

Advaita is a peculiar state of affairs: it seems to represent a wrecked version of the original santana dharma. Perhaps the ruling Aryans confronting the older legacy were like new agers now confronting the Indic tradition. Just as with the Aryans so with the new agers a superficial but technically potential free handout is given to outsiders while the real secret tradition continues in secret. The Aryans created what new agers are creating now, their own tradition and teachers. That is a reminder that by and large the Hindu legacy is a ripped off version of the original and dressed up in a lot Aryan lore which has totally confused everything, especially with the horrific invention of caste.

Hinduism cannot continue in this form.

But Advaita is a useful archaeological/historical artifact, although it is unclear if any of its western exemplars have achieved so-called ‘enlightenment’. Most likely none. Not for me to judge. In theory there is no reason it can’t work. But something is missing. In fact I think the real Indic tradition has never appeared in public. Like Hatha Yoga, but not quite so sterile, it is a form of psychological conditioning.

Something can be rescued from this mess: the Hindus don’t own their own larger legacy.

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