We need a new spirituality for the modern world…Osho’s (et al.!) fascist switch of liberation for freedom

We need a new spirituality for the modern world, one that learns from India but is free from the preposterous regime of gurus. This should especially refer to the attempts like Osho’s in imitation of buddhism (and most of muddled hinduism) to create large-scale movements that preach liberation but confiscate freedom behind the disguise of the ‘path of enlightenment’.
The whole game has had a few good innings since the sixties new age movement, but the momentum of modernity is going to reassert itself and these classic movements will start to recede.

We see the charming surface of buddha, osho (I won’t even consider that hindu chauvinist Shankara), but the reality is a totalitarian movement that has virtually scrapped the chance of enlightenment. We see it in the totally bogus path of boddhisatwas that has crippled so many behind the celebrity of a few Mahayana saints.
An ashram or sangha is a dictatorship run by a caudillo: that entity can’t allow real enlightenment or his control will dissolve.

The new path starts with seeing that ‘ego’ is an illusion, but the only starting point for autonomous individuality, as a stand in for that essential will, but not subject to destruction in the name of enlightenment all too conveniently a cannibal game by the buddha so-called.

Buddhism has a special history in the context of the Axial Age, and it was once a revolutionary path that aimed to liberate hinduism from its corrupted cultural history. But that project failed and see now that buddhism is a fascist horror that has outlived its time. Osho’s attempt to reset the process for a new cycle isn’t going to work. Osho the ghost would have to enforce a fascist discipline on his followers and wage a war against modernity. It is a giant waste of time, and we have see the twentieth century attempt end in a gotterdammerung. Let’s skip the replay…

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