This critic is justified in his puzzlement over the Osho situation, which is hard to understand. But its perspective is equally flawed, with its remnant ‘postmodern’ confusions, etc…Guenon comes out as superior to Osho. This is traditionalist piety at work and it is not much of much.

We have criticized Osho here but he has effectively destroyed the Tradition and forestalled the anti-modernist campaign of those who wish to rotely regurgitate the past.

Osho did a remarkable thing: exposed the fascism in the buddhist sangha and its promotion of Hilter and mass murder.

Admirers of buddhism must have missed something, something really basic. They have been deceived by something that died long ago and was replaced with ghosts. What else could Osho have done? The traditional routine of the guru, the buddha is a sick joke at this point.

Osho shattered all of it in his parody of the guru and his expose of enlightenment itself, as he moved ‘beyond enlightenment’ (whatever that means). The whole game is dead.

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