O/G two way system of murder stops? Nisargadatta entity as witness seems scared off the perps…

The effect of Nisargadatta is that of a simple witness, and does nothing whether of that entity or something related…The Osho/Gurdjieff two way system of murder is stopping…(I have never gone into the details of this)…it is rare to see into the astral/death realm…be advised.

I have to back off slightly and I recommend learning from what has been said, however chaotic…as to the death zone we have no knowledge and we have no assurances of what we are dealing with…

I need to move on, so keep in mind how rare it is to get feedback in this area.

My idea of using Bennett to explore the larger dimensions of spiritual psychology finds favor in certain quarters and it/they must have told the O/G axis to back off…

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