Stepping out of all external ‘paths to enlightenment’ and redefining your own

The moment you join a ‘path’ operated by an external entity, i.e. guru/sheik, you have yielded to a ‘definition’ not specified and controlled by an external agency, and your place in that realization cease to your choice. Nota bene.

Abjure all such paths, and research and create your own. But make it good. Bennett is useful here because he creates something that is not easy for external agencies to control. And it justifies the consideration of the separate aspects of ‘being’ and ‘will’.
You don’t have to ‘surrender will’ to a bunch of crooks. The related paths of will and being are probably necessary to proceed, and you must proceed alone…

Once you do this, you have ceased to agree to the hidden terms of beings who can game you as they will. They may try to defy a will, but that is another order of things, and a violation and invasion. So be very very careful what you have agreed to and withdraw all consent if you feel that is entailed. The fate of a disciple in a (neo-buddhist) system isn’t going to be anything. zero.

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