Four years wasted in a death struggle with the ‘Osho entity’…be warned and exit his deadly sphere…

Really the confusion started in 2008, but the Osho presence, or what I thought such, was in the background, until the issue of autonomy came up. Veiled behind the x way system of murder I didn’t quite realize who was who, or whether I was simply bonkers toto…

The fascist element, the creation of zombies on a pseudo path, once these become clear ‘that’ has to fight back and this new religion is going to enslave all who enter. It will veil itself and hide what is going on as buddhism did with the boddhisattwa path with some tactic.

We don’t need this. It should abort now before it becomes uncontrollable, like Islam/xtianity… It is easy for these entities to commit simple psychic murder. Who will know? An expose? who will listen or wake up from a droning trance? Who believes in the astral plane anyway, or the death zone.

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