The will, the path, and the caudillo gangster commune of Oshoism..

The point of referencing Bennett is to put in fact the Indian legacy in context: Samkhya is an Indic tradition. In fact, Bennett starts from scratch and founds his version as a new and modern concept nexus, unfortunately with false additions from Gurdjieff.
But the point is that legacies like guruism, buddhism, oshoism contract the spiritual psychology of man and then impose the gross presumption that a badge called ‘enlightenment’ gives license to truncate the potential of disciples, and in fact delete the will structure of that individual. The whole thing is a mafia of buddhas thwarting man’s real potential. It is not surprising that the elimination of will is taken as the ‘real enlightenment’. But that is false. The ordinary ego as the theatre of will (if real) cannot be subjected to the will of another. But that is the implication of the caudillo gangster commune that Osho produced.

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