The dangers of Gurdjieffianity…After Gurdjieff the whole Christian tradition has become suspect.

We have produced this year a book Debriefing Gurdjieffianity, but it is not enough to forestall the global spread of the Gurdjieff meme.
That corpus is bogus but it creates servility in many who are in SEVERE DANGER of ‘dead zombie’ phenomenon discussed with respect to buddhism, and now Oshoism.

Take the warning and don’t be fooled. Keep in mind:

fourth way schools are a big hype. they don’t exist
the enneagram is crap, along with most of the rest in Ouspensky, but…
there is a version of Samkhya that ended up among sufis and which Gurdjieff has taken up and privatized. Be wary of it.
The Gurdjieff work is a fake category. Not a single success has resulted from the materials given. A completely secret and different version is used for real results. All the stuff in Ouspenksy is just fake junk peddled to attract suckers as ‘food’ for hidden elites.
These people are gangsters, not spiritual teachers. Gurdjieff tried to disguise this by confessing it: a self-portrait as a devil. He wasn’t kidding.

A new independent version appeared in Bennett’s The Dramatic Unviverse, but it is mixed with a lot of crap…
this could be of value but it has become entangled in the black magic world of gurdjieff and sufis.
Bennett’s version is so complicated it detaches from such legacies. Study it quickly and then move: it provides a rough map
the versions of gurdjieff are incomprehensible. DON’T get into the Beelzebub’s Tales quicksand. It is designed to be incomprehensible, so don’t bother.
Everything you need is in Bennett, despite his not knowing what was talking about. But he did a good thing: starting with modern physics, can you recrate a futuristic version of Samkhya that is free from all traditions (despite Bennett’s Christian bullshit inserted in the work, along with the lies about reciprocal maintenance)

Neither Gurdjieff nor Bennett understood the law of three and the law of seven. The law of three is a garbled piece of junk, but Bennett may have stumbled on its real significance in terms of this ‘systems’ concepts, three and seven term systems. That’s enough for a quick sketch, but the overall use makes no sense. But you can follow the rough outline.
And the Samkhya gunas are almost a joke, the tapas, rajas, sattwas triad which is an echo of something lost…
But the Samkhya probably appears in tandem withe original yoga/tantra (see our posts on Danielou) and this proves it is a primordial subject with the credentials of yoga. But even a short read of Bennett will make it obvious the ancient yogis couldn’t handle real Samkhya (I could be wrong), or what it represented. That’s a puzzle.
Be wary here: Samkhya has nothing to do with sufis or Gurdjieff, and the extant version in the yogic world is so far gone it makes little sense. And its purported ‘dualism’ shows its later students of this version must have lost the thread…

I refer only to the general framework: the DU is filled with junk, be wary of it. The value here is to get a quick sketch sense of your selves and will. Move on fast. You are on your own. No don’t go asking sufis for help.

We have referenced the hidden sufi path of ‘soul’ and the seed plexus phenom. You are curious, and…skip it…you already have a soul.

The Gurdjieff system appeared at the start of the twentieth century. Noone had heard of mindfulness movements. The Gurdjieff system thus seems novel, but its basic ‘self-remembering’ method is simply mindfulness practice. But it is so larded with junk that few ever get around to meditation (it is designed that way, keep the suckers confused from start to finish).
The Gurdjieff world exploited Ouspensky to produce a dynamite sales pitch, and then tried to kill him in his next life.
Be forewarned. If that is how they treat the founder guess what you fate is likely be.
A rule of thumb:if you arrive at this via Ouspensky you are sucker, beware. The real groups, if they exist, never appear in public.
Gurdjieff is on record denouncing Crowley. Nonsense: Crowley became a Gurdjieff sufi in his next life. Ouspensky was the honest man. Crowley the gangster. The gangsters control the baraka.
Don’t bother with Crowley stuff. It was all minted for his won case. The methods dont work and you should never damage yourself karmically with his jaunty depictions of black magic.
You will get fried if you try to imitate him. You can read his works without applying them.
To realize your will is simply a variant of the path of enlightenment. Meditate. You cannot ‘will’ to do magic. It is animal trap for …you guessed it, suckers.
I will say it one more time, don’t sell your soul for this monstrosity. Mindfulness workshops make better progress than this.

After Gurdjieff the whole Christian tradition has become suspect.

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