Dismantling buddhism, xtianity, islam with oshoism in abort mode?

The trend of the modern reformation is inexorable and it seemed like buddhism was on the ascent in the era of the new age movement, but its fate is sealed in the long run as it core moves to a new realization and the legacy from antiquity falls away. xtianity is rapidly decomposing and islam is on the brink. Its current phase seems to show a jihadist transformation but I suspect that is illusory. The political domination conceals the inner disenchantment going on.
I think the Osho commune is a false continuation of the buddhist legacy. The whole tradition must be recast and the domination by a single buddha over centuries is a grossly dangerous and now obsoleter mode. But we must find the exact history of buddhism and not be victimized by propaganda. I think the Gautama factor is long gone as the sangha became an occult monstrosity dumped into tibet. I could be wrong but the degeneration into fascist antimodernism ironically dooms buddhism. Why would we need it. People can find the replacement on Youtube. We don’t need a dictatorship of buddhas and such organizations are corrupt and create a labyrinth from which there is no escape.

And such organizations don’t produce buddhas. I fail to see a single buddha emergence from osho commune. It is subtly designed that way. And Osho wasn’t on the level. It is hard to see if he was really enlightened and he left the path to enlightenment in ruins.

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