The passing away of buddhism… this ain’t the kali yuga guys…

Now we know why the buddhists and many gurus became hostile to modernity. The logic of the eonic effect as in the previous post brings us to the onset of modernity and there was no axial parallel effect. I know the hidden buddhas must have been really angry: the wheel of dharma has rolled and out came secular moderns as buddhism was left behind. The attempt to correct this with the New Age movement came later but their efforts are going to fail. And we can see why: the corruption in buddhism was gross and their descent into fascism makes it small wonder the greater system wished to ditch the whole game.
History is moving on and people will have to study their consciousness in other ways. The great path to enlightenment in buddhism is a corrupted legacy…Osho’s feeble effort to refound buddhism simply won’t work. It is already dissipating. Ordinary yogic actions by individuals will continue as they have for millennia, with yogis in the wilds.

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