Wilber in the scientism wasteland vs. Bennett

Ken Wilber was extraordinarily unlucky with two bad gurus, Da Free John, a repulsive vampire and sicko and Andrew Cohn who was another ‘shot out of a canon’ Advaita groupie. As a result he never quite got the issues straight, to the extent I can judge. The question of ‘consciousness’ is always the same: the issue of the four states etc…The question then is to simply understand the classic cliches here. You can try to revolutionize the subject using science, but the odds are against you so far. Science will get there in the end I hope, but as yet…

It is interesting to consider Bennett her, another very smart person: he had the same overintellectualized tendencies but he had help: Ouspensky, and some fragment of sufi lore, and more than that a spectacular contact with some unknown source, his demirurgic powers. It is significant those powers (who don’t dictate teachings but try to help people discover for themselves) directed Bennett to a strange variant of Samkhya, again the santana dharma.

The result of Bennett’s work? It remains to be seen, but it is on the map, so to speak in intelligible terrain. He tried to do science, but the core is really Samkhya reunderstood via Schopenhauer. I should hasten to add he freed Samkhya from Samkhya, and completely transformed the subject but the core foundation, which is unsupported by any science, of triads and seven term systems (which Gurdjieff baloxed), leaves the subject in limbo. Those keys, understood, and the subject will endure. The Indic tradition doesn’t have anything left except the three gunas, and that’s a decayed remainder of something lost.

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