Tell that dirty fart the dalai lama he is not supposed to fraternize with the fascist drones,…idiot, he’ll blow the cover ofthe whole dark op

However, the cover has already been blown. The ‘buddhists’ want to create a reactionary anti-post-modern buddhist dictatorship (with rivals in the feckless Osho). What a piece of shit. The Dalai Lama senses what is afoot, but it wasn’t to make Trump an example of the future…he is to destroy the intergrity of a classic democracy and corrupt the whole game…

Honest and liberal buddhists should evacuate the sangha at once and fight against further invultuation. A new version of the eight fold way can be pressed out as coin in a day or less, without the Dictator in Chief, Gautama (in any case a disappeared former ghost, I suspect…)

The sangha is fake religious body with no connection with the original founder

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