Protestant Reformed Gurdjieffianity…

Having written Debriefing Gurdjieffianity it might make sense to rewrite the Gurdjieff corpus for a real New Age: it is almost sad to see the way Gurdjieff destroyed his movement and ended up blaming Ouspensky.

It might be worth trying to create a version of the corpus that is free from all the liabilities Gurdjieff brought from reactionary sufism and anti-modernism. Gurdjieff knew better, but was somehow helpless.

If only the pitch of the genre had been to a solid modernity, without the crypto-fascist entanglement Gurdjieff was forced to endure and which will destroy not only his movement but that of buddhism and Oshoism.

Gurdjieff’s teaching could have thrived had it embraced the modern enlightenment, modern history, and the legacy of freedom. Over and over Gurjdieff sounded the theme of Reason and then somehow bungled the job. Gurdjieff’s method is a good commentary on the evolution of freedom and man’s potential as a being with will. It could have brought sufism into the future, but instead got Ouspensky’s idiotic take on caste and the code of Manu. Gurdjieff secreted criticized Ouspensky’s position and the stupidity of the legacy of caste. Instead Gurdjieff was stuck in the guru mode of antiquity and succumbed to its illusions. The fascist generation in which he lived and which he rejected (I think) but remained silent about has made his legacy unusuable.

The movement could embrace democracy, the liberal/left/communist future, make the ‘work’ about the working class, and espouse the freedom of man in a Kantian context. I think that the Gurdjieff movement otherwise is finished. It will go the way of xtianity, into oblivion.

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