The whole legacy of Indian spirituality is at risk

The tradition has gone on so long that it is riddled with a mysterious corruption. Large scale ‘religions’ like buddhism suffer an inscrutable late decline into evil and the Osho entity is already a dangerous demonic entity.

I recommend a debriefing of buddhism and a movement to abandon it. The buddhism of the Axial Age was a gift beyond Gautama control, at least in principle. We can use that to create, next to core Advaita, a post-traditional global canon beyond the authority of gurus (and a similar set of reactions to sufism). We must consider that most of the Indic legacy is bogus and relatively harmless.

The tradition as is will prove to be a toxic nightmare and it is essential that the absolute power seized by figures such as now Osho is an extreme danger.These orgs are antagonistic to human freedom, rights and autonomy. We cannot grant dead entities absolute power over the human soul.

And we just got a nasty surprise in the manufactured fascism of Trump in the attempt hard to trace but clearly with an esoteric connection to spiritual fascists to manipulate western politics in the destruction of democracy. These perps have failed despite a surface success but we must be vigilant even about the failed result…

Sannyasins of Osho need to wake up to the horrible thing they have created. And buddhists should move to a new Reformation beyond the legacy Gautama line. Tibetan buddhism is simply grotesque and has been clearly exposed but the deeper connections have still not been clarified. The hidden operators are too concealed.

This situation is an outrage and we should not stand for it …Osho always gave away hints that something was awry and his hatred of democracy and unspoken assumption his sannyasins had no rights lurks as a curse in a movement that should disband but won’t. Osho has enough idiots in tow to fuel a new ashramic despostism, the dead zombie effect we must suspect behind buddhism.

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