More notes for a blogbook

We need a new global spirituality beyond the current archaic legacy of gurus, sheiks, and ‘masters’. In many ways Ramana Maharsi, who is actually a modern phenomenon, can provide one direction although he is still immersed in the caste system and has a hidden aspect that is hard to fathom. He was not as far as I can tell an obsessed player of the ‘master game’, had no real disciples, and didnt’ create a dead zombie movement like the buddhist and the oshoist. I am even getting intimations which I hope are not delusive of a green light to radicalism from such as Nisargadatta.

But what is needed is something revolutionary and which stands beyond even the ‘path to enlightenment’ with a debriefing of the whole game, a set of warnings of the dangers of gurus, spiritual cannibalism, occult invultuation, zombie cadres, tantric hypsters…
The current hindu/buddhist legacy can’t even get its history straight, and in the buddhist case is beset with a horrific charge of outright fascism, this lurking in the Osho field also, with the sufi angle quite as ominous (but we can’t even get specific about that).

Meanwhile the Trump era will spell the doom of the credibility of gurus, and Tibetan buddhists, however unjust to many. It’s over. Tibetan buddhism is a cover for something horrific, we suspect and this has been affirmed by Osho himself.

There is a genuine conspiracy to destroy democracy and even figures like Osho are a part of it.

to be continued…

Intro: the blog The Gurdjieff Con modernity new age soul…spr? demiurgic powers

1. Gurdjieff and Ouspensky
2. sufism
3. enneagram
4. Bennett
5. beyond fourth ways, enlightenment

2. issues of blog
2.1 sufism, buddhism
2.2 hist indic religion, OIT/AIT
2.3 Axial Age:
2.4 buddhism
2.5 advaita

3.1 modernity/new age
3.2 Kant Schopenhauer
3.3 new agism
3.4 beyond buddhism/oshosim
3.5….will, being, enlightenment

psts, record of blog…
Bennett DU: ch’s ….

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