I am appointed a ‘master of masters’…I accept and resign immediately…you too: you should pull rank on the buddhas at once, or you are dead…

This is a curious development, from an anonymous source (from enemies or the Maharsi cloud?), perhaps I am being set up, or being made fun of but to me having ‘pulled rank’ on the buddhas the gesture is something I have already done. The question remains, what is the documentation of this category in the ‘santana dharma’ tradition? Osho declared he was a master of masters and satirized it??? the requirement was to be able to give yourself a blowjob…I need a year of stretch yoga first…no can do…Wow, I get to boss around Eckhart Tolle.

I want no further part of the ‘tradition’ so the joke’s on the joker…but the question is worthy of thought however pretentious the ‘promotion’ (it should come with a badge…)

Everyone has a right to the net equivalent: you are not required to submit to the authority of any guru (or sufi sheik) anywhere anytime…The cannibal game is evidently so endemic the whole game should be called off…however, be wary of this: liquidating uppity disciples is an established affair, best to disappear…warning, all the gurus are trying to murder each other…this should apply equally to the sufis, but they are far more dangerous occultists and you may pretend to kowtow for a little longer until you figure out the two/three/x way system of murder…

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