I am suggestibly promoted to advaita guru…superfluous for a master of masters…if i accept i am going to crib notes from parsons youtube videos…

After being told I am a master of masters now they tell me I should be an ‘advaita guru’. Whatever next. I have been near the new age movement for decades and never studied the subject til a year ago. I experienced enlightenment in 1974 doing TM mantra meditation, and then two more times studying caballa, and then the ‘dramatic universe’ text…those ‘experiences’ were profound but transient. I also explored the ‘null magus’ option of reading the complete works of crowley and the abramelin grimoire but NOT indulging in any ‘willed’ magic/black magic. The entanglement with osho in the eighties was actually a version of the ‘will manifest’ realizing the will as this sprang into action in proximity to a spirit field, who knows: a warning to stay clear of the osho field. my subsequent visit to the commune was confused and brief (i was as impelled to leave as to arrive) and realized in the subsequence that the whole commune was completely obscurely flawed. Later exposes have shown what some of the problems were. I was never a sannyasin in any case but the confusing material of osho’s books distracted me for a long time. The advaita path is thus a clarification and a debriefing, but this is too good to be true and i observe after reading fifteen advaita books that few of its exemplars are ‘enlightened’, whatever that means. But the material is one way to stand back and get something at least from a legacy that is not transparent and controlled by hidden master djinns, as i suspect…
This is another attempt to set me up.
OK, will do. since I have pulled rank on the buddhas as master of masters i can easily add the advaita medal to a laden breast as a token. but I think that as a master of master though resigned it is superfluous to become a guru. No thanks. but one can do it ‘de facto’ on the fly, so watch out.

I will continue studying the literature, try and root out the crooks and/or criminal angle and study the youtube videos of advaita hombres like Parsons, and maybe even Eckhard Tolle. If I can pull it off it might even be a source of incomes. Wow.

Stay tuned…i will decide soon. debugging advaita isn’t hard: the crook angle is easy, will explain later. imagine, nemo a guru. the parsons angle is neo-advaita and that can make a good front for a real path kept hidden. The ass front and fart aspect is clearly evident in parsons, so the two modes are probably compatible…

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