Speaking in terms of the ‘master of masters’

The new age movement has created a monstrosity in the west as the ‘rules of the master game’ go unstated and leave an open field of naive victims to the spoils of guru occultism. It is a sad and sick outcome. Large scale formations like buddhism, oshoism are at risk of predatory actions on completely unsuspecting seekers. Fortunately most guruism is fake, and perpetrated by idiots who are harmless, an ironic confusion to the whole question.

Let’s make it clear on one point: the authoritarian guru has no claim on the life a so-called disciple. To think otherwise is to allow a form of barbarous antiquity into the future. Osho you would think is some sweet exception. He is not, and has spawned a crypto-fascist horror that will be infected with additional predators in service to the source gangster…

Osho sannyasins and western buddhists should simply go through a reformation to produce a new rendering of the classic ancient teaching, and be mindful of the very few exemplars, such as Ramana Maharsi who were not gurus and accepted no disciples, or money…in general the guru is the set of instructions inherited from the past and given to world renouncing yogis who work alone. Large scale religions of ‘meditation’ run by a guru have turned into monsters, and it is time the whole game passed away replaced by something real.

Ironically, the problem suddenly became evident to Ouspensky who protested but ended up creating a profitable horror for tens of thousands of victims for Gurdjieff and his sufi background.

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