The osho entity attempts to murder suspected rivals…OK, how about ‘the virtual church of the holy brick’? self-defense against buddha vampires

I find it hard to see how ‘that’ would find me a rival: a sign of ghostly paranoia and the ‘war of the buddhas’. But come to think of it, it is in fact appropriate to create a new path beyond what we see in the legacy….
Since I already speaking as a master of masters (ha ha) this is another hoax to get me to ‘play the game’. I am not a guru and don’t play this game…

a first approach can be Last and First Men: Preface cites the ‘virtual church of the holy brick’….

we need a modern secular post-buddhist, post-xtian, post-islamic association of free men, autonomous with will freed from savior hype and buddha vampires….will discuss further….

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