Gold actually a whistleblower? post to be withdrawn…but take the warning about sufism….you are lucky to get a warning….

I stand by what I have said, but in the end it may also be true that Gold is a whistleblower using various outlets to expose sufism…(here??)….
He is also protected with a ‘path of blame’ camouflage that makes everything total confusion….

I will therefore withdraw this post in a day or so. Make a copy if you wish….

A perspective on Gold as a ‘jewish supremacist’ monopolist using black magic to mindfuck rivals and take over ‘sufism’…?

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That’s a lurid title for this post but the issue of Gold is of almost tragic proportions, but the issue is not really ‘sufism’, but, as with Gurdjieff, occultism, mind control and the sufi slave markets, and spiritual cannibalism.

I put it as a question but at this point I note that once a month a gold groupie attempts to defend him in the comments after insulting me, pointless, I fear. The issue of jewish supremacism is possibly egregious but won’t go away because gold in my experience always favored jews behind a front of loyal gentiles…But is ambition I would suspect is personal despite his quiet hints about jewish sufis. Get the point: if you are not jewish you are not ‘included’, maybe. If you are jewish, that won’t help either, so best of luck there also…But I noted how Gold played jews off against gentiles with the jews getting baraka, and the gentiles a bunch of phony baloney… These jews were off site in the charade of his so-called school.

That said, the issue of monopoly was explicit in Gold’s work and he said so himself (even inventing a so-called ‘real time course’ based on monopoly, which he claimed, absurdly, to have invented). His tactics thus seem to be a complete farce of invented teachings as cover something else, and Gold’s teachings and books are especially ludicrous and third rate. (Small wonder that ditto for Gurdjieff, he needs Ouspensky to compose his propaganda).

This commenter calls Gold a sufi sheik. I am unaware of the slightest ground for this. Gold has not produced single bit of documentation for any sufi contact and everything in his less than public perspective suggests he is closer to Aleister Crowley than to sufism.

I have myself far better claim to being sufi sheik but repudiate that category completely along the ‘baraka game’ of set up ‘higher consciousness’.

Gold’s monoply game seems to have extended to tracking down the reincarnation of Ouspensky to attack and destroy him to take control of the immensely lucrative field of ‘fourth way seekers’ who have been converted by In Search of the Miraculous.
This situation is outrageous, truly sickening…

Most who have approach Gold end up repudiating him and this commenter here is clear to first week groupie.
If Gold is a sufi sheik show me a single mainstream sufi who will validate that. There are none, except the hidden sufi mafia of which Gold appears to be a member…

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