Beyond all spiritual paths…? can gautama/ghosts be booted out of the sangha? can a sangha with a fascist legacy continue? throw the stupid osho mala into the sea or else replace the image with that of bugs bunny…

If the Indian tradition is confused on the Gita, then I would say it is hopeless: a general reformation/posthistoric exit is needed. Narla’s book is a record of stupidity that makes the legacy of gurus impossible to believe in. And he throws some equal light on the problems with the buddhist tradition where our previous take using Bazaz had thought about some kind of illusory buddhist revolution.

The issue of spiritual paths is subject to its own mechanization and exploitation. You must start from scratch at all levels and do everything for yourself, first establishing if your path of enlightenment has any meaning given the fact that virtual noone in history can get the issue straight.

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