authoritarian pall on bennett study//Dramatic Universe: Volume 1 – Michael Grenfell

This is useful the need and right to critique can be lost in this study.
Did Bennett get it right?

Source: Dramatic Universe: Volume 1 – Michael Grenfell

Gurdjieff basically destroyed samkhya and at every step we confront his attempt to rip off this subject and then hide in that piece of phony trash, All and Everything. I challenge whether Gurdjieff understood the ‘law of three’, or whether there is a law of seven. And the doctrine of reciprocal maintenance is a covert excuse for ripping off the energies of man on the part of a spurious angelic realm, bennett’s demiurgic powers.
I find it absurd that such ‘demiurgic powers’ would need to feed off of man, the idea is grotesque and a cover for the spiritual cannibalism of that far lesser breed the rogue sufis and gurus.


We need to consider the original sources of samkhya and then the real doctrine behind it. Despite Bennett’s heroic efforts it is hard to reconstruct. And Gurdjieff is no help: he is too stupid to do the job right and erects a toll gate around the subject requiring a ‘fee’ to its captor.

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