an early malevolent ‘buddhism’…?//I, Claudius – Wikipedia

Looking at this series that fictionalizes but makes vivid the onset of the roman empire I suddenly got the strange feeling, however subjective, that the destruction of the roman republic and the onset of the emperors in such eerie correlated timing with the onset of christianity and mahayana was no accident but one of the several conspiracies to destroy freedom and democracy. After all, we have the Persian wars to consider at the dawn of the Athenian democracy (and its war with Sparta)…
I am suspicious: the spiritual powers gestating from buddhism (which we have accused already of fascism in the modern period) may have had a first trial in this respect. The whole phase of spiritual powers is unknown to us in this period but we have to wonder if the developing christian version, with an obvivous connection to mahayana, taken in its hidden esoteric aspect wasn’t already a malevolent astral menace triangulating a strange destruction of the republic matched with a hidden scheme to take over the roman empire…

To me, it looks like the later republicans and early emperors were objects of a malign kind of black magical occult/fascistic process, the first manifestation of what we suspect of later tibetan buddhism and nineteenth century ‘buddhism’. The charges could be false or displaced but the antagonism to freedom, democracy and autonomy lurks behind the sentimental promotions of exoteric spiritual paths so deviously designed to ensnare.

Let’t table it as a suspicion and hypothesis and be mindful that ‘dead buddhas’, as the alarmed hindus warned, were not benign entities. Not that the realm of the gurus was much better.
We have not distinguished christianity and mahayana, an obvious limit to our discussion. More generally we must distinguish the level of the eonic sequence and its subsequent effects and actors…two different things…
Time to move on from the buddhas to a consideration of a higher spiritual process beyond the level of gurus, buddhas, and the spiritual occult politicians peddling paths of all kinds…

Source: I, Claudius – Wikipedia

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