Dramatic Universe: Volume 1 – Michael Grenfell

It is sad to see the fate of Bennett’s work: it provides a key to a new way to reconcile modernity, science, and the legacy of religion but the whole effort got hijacked by Gurdjieff who did not properly explain his own version in the sophistical muddle of All and Everything. We cannot make a new age fetish of Bennett whose classic has a lot of sawdust elements that are taken dogmatically as beyond criticism in the authoritarian guru system, a tragic element that corrupts a great effort… An ancient subject that should belong to a public domain of a modern public is suddenly confronted with toll gate machinations of a self-styled devil. What a pity. Gurdjieff’s predatory cooptation of something he got from an obscure sufi source echoes the classic samkhya and needs critical examination not the esoteric posturing of that complete dunce Gurdjieff who couldn’t manage a term paper without his Igor Ouspensky.
This study actually has some useful aspects but it is still under the spell of Bennett’s often uncritical additions to the basic study…I have tried to produce my own version (and have done a very short critique) but am so busy with other projects (we’ve produce sixteen books in the last year or so) that the steady patience over several years we see in Grenfell never seems to manifest…need to keep trying…
In any case the key of triadic logic needs to be taken critically on the grounds that noone can really get it right and the whole question of triads remains curiously mythical instead of scientific…???

Source: Dramatic Universe: Volume 1 – Michael Grenfell

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