Debriefing buddhism…

R48G: debriefing buddhism…a leftist study project…?
August 18th, 2017 ·

we almost need a third debriefing book but the genre is hard to play out on the history of buddhism: our ignorance is appalling for what passes as a world religion. Increasing suspicion is casting doubt on what has been a successful con job by the new age movement. The Osho figure quietly blew the whistle here but seems to be in the same business…There is one important critical study of Tibetan buddhism, but that is a very late stage and cannot unravel the starting eras… The Shadow of the Dalai Lama
This issue is of concern to the left which essentially needs to enter the religion business, and neither as a customer nor as a concocter. The left got clobbered in the early tweentieth century, didn’t you know, Mussolini was a ‘socialist’, etc…So the recommendation to study here is ‘quite crucial’….for ‘sober materialists’…. a long slow study…

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