debriefing ‘santana dharma’: advaita without gurus….the enlightenment illusion?

Advaita is mostly a phony front to make the new age ‘path’ seem like real…in reality the seeker is set up for external control by the yogic/buddhoid mafias…with rogue ‘sufis’ not far behing…

One thought on “debriefing ‘santana dharma’: advaita without gurus….the enlightenment illusion?”

  1. Only when we take out the market will we find the authentic people.

    Thomas Merton writes that when in Tibet he met a high Lama. Merton asked the Lama whether he had managed to get to the unified-consciousness state. The Lama was honest and admitted that after 30 years of deep meditation, he hadn’t reach the goal. Merton also admitted that he had yet to reach the goal.

    How honest of the Lama! What a difference from the next generation of Lama’s we find in the United States!

    For centuries, the goal was a very distant place only one in a million attained. This was freely admitted. If you went to Tibet 50 years ago you definitely will not find career gurus, book deals and devoted females who have bought into the myths and stories of Shangrai La. In those days there was no market.

    Back in those times you didn’t find the Western hunger and the Eastern produce.

    That honest Tibetan Lana was just plain humble and honest. The ones traveling to the States had to lie and claim to be enlightened because the consumers wanted real like buddha’s to prong and tickle.

    So when we read the bio’s and the histories we find a very different adwaita/buddhist phenomenon, even 50 years ago.

    Today the whole enterprise had been cheapened. I have recently joined a Facebook group. All the people on the group claim to be higher than the honest Tibetan Lana!

    If there are authentic people out there then the majority of awakened beings will dispel the Buddha from the group!

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