Enigmas of the Axial Age…


We can see the exact concordance of the Axial interval and Indic religion, but this can very confusing at first.
Something went wrong with Israelitism, can we suspect the same in buddhism…Note that hinduism has no real axial age component EXCEPT its brief amplification of some primordial theme via the classic Upanishads…That is right and proper because it already existed and couldn’t thus be created…But buddhism and isrealitism both had tremendous wallops axial thrust but this soon became problematical…
The point here is that there is some kind of ‘higher power’ here, beyond god or IHVH or the buddhas, and it enters into the ‘evolution’ of civilization, which is however still man made…

To prevent abuse of theistic historicism consider the discussions in:

the illusion that archaic israelitism had anything to do with ‘god’ dies hard…

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