Comment on Gold

Gold easily confuses people/groupies with a kind mesmerizing aura that produces conversion in beginners. But over and over disillusion sets in with the realization that none of his followers has any real path whatsover. And whatever path they might try to invent, gold attacks with a ‘denying force’ argument. Gold i suspect does have a series of hidden followers involved in obscure projects: one i suspect is related to a group of jewish fascists who sourced as his students and then became entangled in a global conspiracy against democracy. We see this bearing fruit in our own time, consider mr. trump. Figures like gold have telepathic/hypnotic powers, and one can only speculate the even worse mind control tactics of sufis, tibetans, and others. It stuns the imagination to think what mischief they could inflict on a politician under their spell. Gold cleverly denounces students who move into these thought to be the real esotericism, bullshit. I can’t be sure however if gold is actually a fascist. But the whole new age movement is entangled in the occult fascism that manufactured hitler. So the trump redux phenom has a shadowy antecedent…
that these gurus wish to destroy modernity and democracy should make anyone with sense stay away from them.
Pick up a book on raja yoga and secretly re-write it into different language, that’ all you need and you don’t need a guru…
Gold contrary to what you say has written nothing but the most idiotic and useless books and has the intellect of a peanut. He is a total bullshitter with no connection to anything.
Such people arise from a combination of arrested raja yoga, occult power search and crowely style black magic. The older books depicting the ‘left hand path’ are nonsense but they point to something we don’t understand, but which we see in figures like gurdjieff/gold.

Stay away from such people, but at least never surrender your will. If you do you are dead sooner or later…

I have suffered forty years of black magic from this shit head jewish sufis (with contempt for christians) but couldn’t prove a thing in court.
It is the terrible reality of the new age movement whose verdict is to pass on…this movement arose in the enlightenment as a sideshow of historical study (cf. schopenhauer) and was never a ‘new age’ anything, but an old age senile movement repeating garbled versions from the past.

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