The ‘royal path’ of homo sapiens…

We have denounced all spiritual paths here and urged abandoning all of them. But you can play a trick on this and consider what was always the core of this as a real path beyond paths, the royal path, raja yoga. It is the most cliched and archaic ‘shit’ of an unknown tradition, ossified and opaque.
But its basic injunctions on meditation as dharana, dhyana, samadhi are as old as homo sapiens who learned that his consciousness was mechanizing but that concentration lead to a deeper consciousness . That’s it, the only path that isn’t a path…’paths are mostly distractions from the royal path. And the literature here will snare you into the whole confusion of one and the same gurus, a phony royal path. Simply consider the meaning of terms and quietly create your own version. If you read most books on the subject you will probably never actually start.

So the best defense against gurus and their paths is the ‘royal path’, the way of homo sapiens, whose ‘consciousness’ had a series of gears, four states of consciousness, and idea so garbled so many times we don’t know what it means. But if ‘concentration’ seems beyond one’s power it nonetheless remains the starting point.
We had some posts on Crowley here (scroll down a week or so): his biography records that beside the failed nonsense of his magic (which probably destroyed him karmically in the end) he quietly did his hommwork with his real path, raja yoga. He was one of the few successes at concentration, actually recording the number of times his mind wandered over a meditation period. So try to study the history of the ‘royal path’ beyond paths, and changing the terms and working in secret from gurus like gold who if they find out will wreck your effort, quietly consider you latent consciousness factors via concentration. That it is almost impossible doesn’t excuse you from trying.

This is complicated by the ‘there is nothing to achieve’ jargon of the advaitists. It may be true, but they clearly don’t know what they are talking about. If there is anything to it the ‘royal path’ will find it sooner or later.

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