After all the sanctimonious diatribes on culture run by spiritual leaders all the (dirty fascist farts) osho/dalai lama, etc gurus can manage is a trump…

I suspect that the dalai lama is a front, and that osho likewise disappeared into a hidden ‘master’ complex, so we should have no illusions about the conspiracy against democracy but be wary of the hidden occult aspects of the ‘guru situation’ (if osho was not enlightened he would reincarnate sooner or later, or be absorbed into some hidden entity). As to the tibetans, don’t even ask, it is a ganster mafia at the top….
As to the neo-fascist initiative, I recall its probable genesis in the seventies around gold et al, and the figure of chogyam trungpa…
Beyond that it is completely concealed. Intelligent liberal buddhists should simply flip the bird and be gone from the sangha ASAP before the gangster demons seize control of you subconscious…

It is clear that trump is a such a puzzle because people take him (no longer, they have wised up) at face value. But he isn’t a serious president at all, and seems to be designed as a drone to destroy the american political democracy with as much mischief as he can be made to perform.
But this gang couldn’t keep a secret and the plot has become publicly known, so we are in a way free of it: we can track the damage and repair it. Hopefully. The original esoteric fascism was a truly scary phenomenon to which humanity is oblivious to this day.

Osho sannyasins should slip away, but many won’t, enjoy your zombiehood and be a good fascist robot (at the end you will be liquidated…)

Next question, which dirty fascist fart had the smelliest fart gas, gautama, osho or the dalai lama (the later is oblivious to what’s going on, mostly, so he is a less smelly grade that the others)…?

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