Gandhi a pathetic figure…

It is almost incredible that gandhi could have supported caste and yet become such a vip figure.
But a closer look shows that there is a conspiracy, not even hidden, to recreate caste in some ‘post’ modern world. Many gurus have hinted at it. Hitler even proposed it. Ouspensky definitely endorsed it. Dozens of guru secretly champion it.
So it is not surprising at all. And keep in mind that shankara was a fanatic on the subject. So if you study advaita without following the hidden rules (I think here, however, india has enough independent rebels to interfere here) you are subject to spiritual heresy, an obvious unconscious hangup in gandhi.

The whole game is completely ridiculous at this point, but still deadly…So the issue of revolution emerges here although simple public denunciation should be enough. They mystique of hinduism dies hard, until it falls over dead, soon.

Try critiquing (Ouspenksy) and (his pluge for) The Code of Manu and notice the fulminating hatred you will get (we tried it here several times…)

Advaita a hindu (reincarnation) trap?

New agers should consider the insidious character of hinduism (scroll down to see the confusion created in gandhi over caste) and its hidden fanaticism and the way it will set up ‘seekers’ for failure as they drift into reincarnations via the caste system. Keep in mind that as a westerner you are aren’t even low caste, although that is your starting point…

Nota bene and be wary of the advaita (and/or other yogic) paths. They don’t work on their own terms. The real paths are not shown in public….(did maharsis do advaita?)

The whole advaita movement seems incoherent, with no successes at all…watch out…